Music beds

Welcome to my music beds page.
These beds can be used in anything from a podcast to a game or in promotional videos.
If you'd like to credit me when you use a bed, it would be greatly appreciated. However, crediting is optional.


There are 4 available files.

File list
Filename Size Type description Listen Download
Battle 11.9MB audio/flac If you mean business, the battle bed is your best ally. With a heavy beat and big orchestration, your project will make itself clearly heard with this bed.
Produced in September 2023.
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Battle_Alt_Ending 11.8MB audio/flac Want a different ending to your battle? Try this bed on for size!
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Dancy 7.2MB audio/flac A trance bed with a strong backbeat to give your project a lift.
Produced in April 2023.
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mission 18.2MB audio/flac Prepare for a mission...a mission like no other!
This music bed will have you up and ready to take on the most difficult of gaming challenges, or whip your work colleagues up into a frenzy in your latest corporate presentation!
It's time... for action!
Idea by Rebecca Legowski. Produced by Day Garwood.
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