Welcome to my services page. If I can help you with anything musical, please feel free to contact me.


Whether you're looking for a voiceover for a podcast, choirs, lead or backing vocals on your next hit song, or it's as simple as a one-voice, one-line jingle, no problem. Get in touch with your project and we'll work out the best solution for your needs.


I can write a set of lyrics for your next epic track orsocial media promotion jingle. Tell me what ideas you want covered in your project and I'll work them into words for you.

Topline melody composition

If you've got the words and chords, but you're struggling to find that catchy melody, I can compose a topline for your project, no matter how big or small.

Music beds

Want to create tension in your next game or make your ad more engaging? A music bed can be the perfect solution, the missing piece that brings your project together. Let me know what sort of bed you'd like, and I'll make it for you.


Whether it's an alert sound to grab a customer's attention, or a light, airy sound letting you know your computer program is functioning well, stingers help give your final product a lift. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you need a zingy stinger in your project!
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